What to Expect


Your 3 step journey with me

1. Free 15 minute Phone Call

Get in touch for a free 15 minute telephone call to discuss your situation. This can be an email conversation if you prefer. This gives you the opportunity to ask me questions and for us both to decide if my service will suit your needs.

2. Assessment Appointment 

At the initial assessment appointment you will have the opportunity to talk at length about your situation. I will listen and ask you questions about the psychological problems or issues you have been having and what in particular you would like help with. Following this, I will share a psychological understanding of your difficulties with a proposed plan to help you. This shared understanding is called a 'formulation' by psychologists. It basically means we use our psychological knowledge to provide you with a formulation of how we think your issues may have developed and how they might be being maintained in your life. We also discuss a plan as to how to help you move forward and achieve your values or goals. This may involve therapy or directing you towards information and resources regarding your issues. I recognise that each person is an individual and the formulation is always tailored to the individual's needs. An assessment and shared understanding of difficulties may be enough for some people to make changes and move forward in their lives without therapy. There is no obligation following an assessment to commit to therapy sessions.

3. Therapy

After discussing a shared understanding of your difficulties at your assessment appointment, I will suggest a plan to help you. The number of therapy sessions is usually agreed following the assessment.  Therapy length can vary, for some people  2 or 3 sessions might be enough although the majority of people are seen for 6-12 sessions and occasionally more. Therapy generally takes place weekly or fortnightly, depending on your circumstances. I offer a range of evidence based psychological therapies to help you. I use an integrated approach which means I use my psychological knowledge to tailor any intervention to your specific needs and this can involve using more than one type of therapy. My main approach is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which can be used to help a variety of problems such as anxiety, depression, anger and low self esteem. I am also trained and have experience in a number of other therapeutic approaches including Schema Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Interpersonal Therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) and Compassion FocusedTherapy (CFT).

I review with you how therapy is progressing regularly as we continue to meet and we can agree to make changes to your therapeutic journey if appropriate. As we end therapy you will have a toolkit of strategies and techniques which will continue to help and lead to long lasting change.


Who I see

 I provide individual sessions for adults (18 years +) although there is a degree of flexibility with this.


The most common problems I see are anxiety and depression. Anxiety can present in many ways including panic attacks, social anxiety, generalised anxiety, phobias and OCD. I also see people with depression, low mood, low self-esteem, stress, grief & loss, anger and emotion regulation difficulties. I have many years of experience working with trauma, both post-traumatic stress disorder and complex trauma. There are many other issues that I can help you with, please get in touch to discuss.


I am unable to meet with people who have severe mental health problems or who are in crisis and may require a more intensive, systems based approach with other professionals, for example someone who is suicidal or who self - harms. Please see the Resources page for information, services and contacts if you are in crisis or feeling this way.